Sheesley & Associates, a Certified WBE and a Registered PA DOT Business Partner is owned by Jennifer Sheesley, P.E.  As a second generation engineer with expertise in the aviation industry, Jennifer brings nearly 25 years of experience including airport planning and design, land development, erosion and sedimentation planning and permitting, grading and drainage plan development and hydrologic and hydraulic engineering. Project efficiency is the value we bring to our clients as a result of a streamlined approach and delivery on our projects.

This expertise, along with seasoned team members of the Sheesley organization provide an experienced approach to a variety of complex projects. 

Our Approach

The best technology is only as good as the people who use it. Whether in the field or in the office, our staff utilize the most advanced equipment and software to provide the most accurate and efficient services possible. At Sheesley, we employ experts in all types of surveying and site design. We use the industry’s top equipment for land surveying, GIS services and CAD design. We deliver accuracy, regardless of the size or complexity of your project.


Industries Served


Aviation - Sheesley & Associates has years of experience multi-disciplinary engineering expertise in the aviation industry. We have served this sector as project surveyor, civil engineering, data collection and consultant. Sheesley was responsible for updating the network definition maps for 93 airports in the state of Pennsylvania, which consisted of ensuring that all current airfield pavement configuration was shown on the plan for each airport, as well as marking the sample selections for the field teams.

PennDot - Sheesley & Associates serve as construction inspection specialists, ensuring road projects are adhering to project specifications.


As part of a building team, Sheesley & Associates, helps to ensure the best usage of land. They have performed site work in commercial construction projects. When working with land developers for housing projects, the blended expertise of both Sheesley’s engineering as well as the surveying teams leave the land developers with site ready lots. Architects have partnered with Sheesley & Associates to facilitate permitting and help keep projects moving forward.


In partnership with government and education, Sheesley offers oversite and support on various projects. As a minority business owner, the firm can be involved – particularly when federal monies are involved that require minority participation.