We wear a lot of hats so you don’t have to.

No longer just a surveying firm, we’re taking a technology-driven approach to invest in new tools and services that reinvent the way Sheesley + Associates delivers high-quality solutions for our clients and partners.


Engineering Services

No two sites are created equally. Our experienced site/civil team designs plans that maximize usage, space and aesthetics. Sheesley tackles challenges posed by site terrain, infrastructure limitations, environmental constraints, and regulations.

Sheesley is certified to provide engineering services in PA, WV, MD, VA, IL, NY, NJ, and OH.


Airports are as diverse as the places we go. This uniqueness has guided our approach to aviation design and planning for more than 30 years. With knowledge and understanding of state and federal regulations, Sheesley delivers personalized airside, landside and facility-related design and construction projects, all while helping owners meet strict deadlines and tight budgets while maintaining vital airport operations during construction.

Land Surveying

From topographic, boundary and route surveys to easements, and land acquisition management and finally construction engineering and as-built surveys, Sheesley’s surveying services serve the life of the project.

We have completed hundreds of surveys for public, private, commercial and residential development. Using all available technology, including GPS, robotic total stations, construction lasers and LiDAR (including static, mobile and aerial), Sheesley can select the right tool for the project.

Our land survey team is licensed in the state of Pennsylvania.

Environmental & Permitting

Environmental engineering is essential to the health and safety of our society and is an important aspect of site development. With a focus on the environmental impact of a project, a sound plan offers solutions on how to deal with issues such as erosion and sedimentation control, stormwater management, regulatory obligations, risk management, and good environmental stewardship.

As environmental regulations continue to grow in complexity, it is important to have an expert on your side to apply for and obtain permits. From site development for commercial and residential programs, to gas well permits to water management plans and soil erosion control planning and design, Sheesley has the experience to help clients fulfill corporate and individual responsibility to the environment.

Sheesley’s team of licensed professionals provide a unique portfolio in natural resource inventories, wetland delineations, and surveys for conservation, development, and infrastructure improvement projects.

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